May, 2013

I still don't know  why I take images. Why there is an impulse to fill a blank rectangle or a square, paper or canvas, with unique content of different forms, shapes, figures, lines, blacks, greys, colors.... I design visual peace by blending reasoning with expressive motivation in order to achieve balance in that previously empty, flat space. Once the image is finalized I feel content and relieved. The picture can live now on its own, inside its borders, radiating,  some meaning and questioning.

Usually, I create a large body of images connected by origin, content,  technique or visual process of transformation. I have to be very satisfied with the results  to feel that entire collection is complete. After some time another path and subject is chosen,  and new creative process begins.


I was hooked up to photography long time ago. Taking pictures and immersing myself in darkroom liquids was magical and exciting. When photography became my primary medium of artistic communication I  incorporated  elements of drawing, painting, scratching, graphic art, towards the goal and resolution of final print. I wanted to transform  the conventional perspective of viewing through some intervention, on the  negative, in the darkroom, or in the way in which I capture images. I always had a need to reshape that imaginary space of a  future print, to dilute or distort  the human figure, to achieve anonymous universal form, hidden personality or an identity.

My most recent body of work "Shapes of Colors", still in progress, gives me real pleasure while I shoot in the fields of wild orchids, Royal Gardens or in my own backyard. I am constantly in pursuit for perfect frame where I am trying to get balance between elements of composition, color, shape, shadows, dept of field,light, sharpness, magnification.... I am transported to different world, through the lens which is changing quickly and I have to react promptly to catch all the pieces at the right moment. Once I capture a digital image (for this collection) I try yo alter it as little as possible before finalizing the desired print.


I have participated in many art shows, solo and group exhibitions in more than fifteen countries.I got  awards and grants.I like  exhibiting my work as it provides  a forum for connecting, dialoguing and interacting with the public.